The First Pontiac Race Car
1926 Pontiac Boat-Tail Racer

We all know that 1926 was the first Pontiac to enter the scene, so it should come as no surprise that 1926 would also be the birth of the first Pontiac race car. But, it didn't happen the way you might think. Those were not the days of factory-backed racing-- actually, auto racing was a pretty unorganized affair consisting mostly of speed and power runs called "hill climbing."

In the pictures here, you see a shot of Hill Climber at the original Utica, New York dealership that built and raced it in 1926, and an action shot during one of its many hill climbs sometime in the late-20s or early-30s. At the top is the present owner shortly after purchasing the car in 1997, and a picture of it now fully restored to its original condition.

Visit to read all about how the 1926 Pontiac known as "Hill Climber" was born, and how it became the first Pontiac race car-- ever!

At the site above, read the interesting story of Hill Climber's history, and the amazing find of this unique piece of Pontiac and racing history by present ownwer Arnold Landvoigt of Savage, Maryland.

This is an amazing piece of Pontiac history and it is being shared with all hobbyists during events all around the country.

Thanks to Pontiac Registry.